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The Company continues:

To support our trades of tin plate and wire,
and metals industry and research more generally.

To pursue and develop our educational and charitable activities.

To enjoy the good fellowship of the Company at Court Dinners and other social functions
and to encourage new membership.

To maintain the principles, standards and traditions set by our predecessors and in particular the civic life of the City as embodied in the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and the City of London Corporation.

What is the Livery?

The social and economic conditions which gave birth to many of the original guilds have long since been overtaken by the development of industry and commerce,
but the livery companies still flourish today as living institutions.

Their survival has been achieved by doing what they have always done:
fostering their trades in a wide context, serving the community,
and embracing modern skills and professions.

There are now 110 livery companies in the City of London, from the Actuaries to the World Traders, from the Mercers (with a precedence order of one) and the Weavers (charter of 1272) to the Arts Scholars (no. 110; 2014).

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