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All past prize- and award-winners of the Company, who were in further or higher education or in work at the time of winning their award or prize, may now apply to join the Company as Yeomen.

The Company hopes that many of those eligible will choose to strengthen their links with the Company in this way, and may in due course become Freemen and then Liverymen.

The benefits for Yeomen

Yeomen are invited to apply to attend one of the Company’s Dinners each year. We would particularly encourage Yeomen to attend the May or Christmas Dinners, which several new prize-winners attend for presentation of their certificates and/or display their prize-winning work. Yeomen may each bring a guest. Standard attendance costs, the same as for our Liverymen, apply (with a reduction for those in full-time education).

Yeomen will receive the electronic version of our annual newsletter, The Lanthorn, and occasional other appropriate news by email.

Yeomen will receive invitations (which may also go to prize-winners who have not become Yeomen) for any future events organized for prize-winners; a future event specifically for Yeomen is also under consideration.

Yeomen are invited to keep us informed as their careers progress, for possible mention in The Lanthorn or other news circulated to our members.

How to apply

Use the contact form to ask the Clerk for any further information and/or to request an application form.

A one-off Yeoman Member’s fee of £30 will be payable on joining, and we will issue a Yeoman’s certificate, which would be presented at a Livery Dinner attended by the new Yeoman.